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We are Rattlesnake Group — a professional, award-winning social media marketing  agency based in London. We create a connection with your audience through social networks.

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Social media marketing services in London

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing service that employs social networks as mediums to distribute content to end-users. Given almost 4 billion people using social networks, using social networks for marketing purposes opens a wide range of opportunities to increase your brand awareness or drive sales.

Education & Mentoring

If you want to carry your social media activities in-house, our social media specialists can provide exclusive training & mentoring services for your employees. Our course is designed to help your employees to master social media marketing principles and successfully run social media campaigns in-house.


Our social media consultants can develop manuals that provide a set of corporate “rules” or guidebooks for the use of social media in the workplace. For example, they can guide corporate etiquette and language.

We work with most social media channels.



We will interview you to learn about your company and target audience.


Brainstorming and setting clear objectives to develop a clear plan of action for achieving desired goals & objectives.


The design department produces eye-catching and stunning media files for social media marketing campaigns.


Launching a campaign, collecting & analysing statistical data and audience feedback.

Further improvement

Constantly adjusting marketing campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. Preparing regular reports to inform what results have been achieved.

Quality over quantity

Advantages of our team

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Superior quality

To ensure that your product or service will receive maximum appeal to your target audience, our marketing team will establish a distinct advertising campaign based on your business specifics and advanced analytics.

Multidisciplinary team

To launch successful marketing campaigns, we involve specialists from various fields: copywriters, marketers, designers, and many others. We build and customise teams for each specific project and task.

Individual approach

We take into account the values and principles of your brand and the goals and objectives of the communication strategy. In this way, we can maintain the integrity of the brand image at all stages of interaction with the audience.

Analytics & Research

Before starting a project, we conduct an in-depth market and competitor analysis to learn about your industry as much as we can. We never take your competitor results and strategy as a benchmark. On the contrary, we are the trendsetters.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for businesses

  • Improves brand awarenesses

  • Helps to reach new prospective customers

  • Increases brand loyalty among established customers

  • Improves website rankings

  • Improves prestige and company image

  • Improves customer experience

  • Reduces customer loss rate

Facebook Pixel Integration

We utilise the latest technologies to track user behaviour and provide advanced data-driven marketing solutions to our clients.

The Facebook pixel provides valuable user insights and helps to create better-performing ads and achieve higher ROI. We use the data collected through the tracking pixel to advertise to people who are most likely to take the desired action.

Advanced remarketing

How does remarketing work?

Nobody likes lost clients. With advanced data-driven marketing tools, we can significantly reduce customer loss rate and stimulate lost clients to return and take the desired action.

We segment users who have displayed some interest in your product but did not take the desired action and target them back by advertising products that interested them through social media channels.

“You do not have to trust your inner voice when there is data that speaks for itself.”

Rattlesnake Group LimitedMarketing Department

Expand your customer base: Lookalike audiences

It is more efficient and reasonable to advertise to an audience with similar interest to those already forming your existing customer base. We can help to utilise data and build lookalike audiences — a set of users who are similar to people already interacting with your website in a certain way. As a result, we can expand your potential customer base more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Lookalike audiences reveal unexpected commonalities among your customer. Lookalike audiences turn out to be much more effective than simple interest-based targeting. Facebook’s algorithm analyses billions of different data points to form a pool of people almost identical to your ideal target persona.

Event and value optimised ads

Setting up a concrete goal

We can highlight the desired action taken on your website and advertise to an audience that will likely take similar action. Without pixel, the only conversion one can optimise basic Facebook ads is for link clicks. With Facebook Pixel, we can optimise ads for conversions that align more closely with concrete business goals, like purchases and subscriptions.

We can go further and optimise your ad audience based on a specific value. An algorithm will show your ads to the people who are most likely to make high-value purchases.

Social Media Marketing services

YouTube management

We help our clients set brand voice for their target audiences by creating content that deeply resonates & inspires engagement.

LinkedIn management

We will generate inbound enquiries, increase brand awareness and build an audience on LinkedIn.

Targeted advertising

Display ads and posts to specific audiences to achieve the highest ROI.

Content creation

We will fill your account with content that will stand out in the user feed.

Answers to your questions

Why should I use social media promotion?

Social networks account for almost active 5 billion users. Social media channels are essential for any business to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, generate new leads and sales or validate their brands.

What quality of work can I expect?

We at Rattlesnake take a responsible approach to each task. For us, the quality of work we deliver means a lot. When working even on small scale projects, we delegate a full-fledged team of relevant specialists. A typical project is managed by at least four specialists, including a marketer, designer, content creator and SMM specialist.

  • Marketer — forms a strategy and conducts a niche analysis.
  • Designer — creates visuals and uniform style of an account, designs and develops good looking posts.
  • Content creator — writes posts and selects the necessary speech style for the target audience.
  • SMM specialist — engages and communicates with an audience, bloggers and influencers and constantly monitors an account performance.

When will I see the first results?

It takes at least two to three months to see the first results. The first month of work is devoted to the launch of the project: forming a strategy, design, testing hypotheses and building a loyal community. Next, we actively work on growing the number of followers, cooperating with influencers and engaging with the audience. When there is enough data to analyse and draw, we can start paid social advertising campaigns.

We do not use forbidden automation tools and other non-ethical ways to grow your audience because this will ruin your account performance in the long term.

Why choose an agency over a freelancer?

Professional SMM services involve many activities: strategy development, layout design, content creation, copywriting, regular posting, customer support and community management, interaction with influences, advanced data analytics, paid & non-paid promotion campaigns and regular performance reporting.

If you are a professional company with serious business goals, then one specialist will not have enough time and resources to manage your social media activities at high quality.

Working with an agency guarantees the involvement of a diversified team of professionals that deliver stable and significant results.

What are the business objectives for social media presence?

Social networks can generate more sales and leads and increase brand awareness. Social networks set up a relationship between a company and consumers and help to receive valuable feedback.

Can you guarantee that social media promotion will increase my sales?

We can guarantee followers influx, generation of traffic and leads but not sales. The reason is that external factors do not depend on us: quality and competitiveness of your products or services, market conditions and others.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or would like to clarify project details, send us an email, and our team will get back to you shortly.

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