Jam & Maje

Jam & Marmalade

About the project

The main challenge was to create a branding that would make the product stand out and has its unique style. Abstract illustrations, bright accent elements of the package attract attention. The logo functions as a naming and translates the main idea of the product to a consumer. The packaging creates a unified brand perception. This work is an excellent example of a strong and memorable that can function well even if the logo is covered.


  • Logotype Development
  • Brand strategy & Platform development
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Instagram Concept

“Fresh. Bright. Juicy.”

Jam & MajeProject year: 2021
Jam packaging design

Logo Design

The main elements of the packaging are illustrations of fruits. These illustrations help consumers to browse your products and improve the overall perception of the product. Fruit illustrations make the packaging beautiful, functional and informative.

Jam packaging design


The colours of the brand are rich and deep, just like the taste of the main product. They perfectly reflect what the company produces. On the store shelf, these colours will stand out and attract consumers.


Instagram concept design

The layout for Instagram was designed according to the brand guidelines. The design is minimalist and clear, with an emphasis on product and quality of ingredients.

Alternating bright and juicy posts with light and minimalistic ones allow to correctly place emphases and highlight the product.