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We are Rattlesnake Group — a professional, award-winning packaging design agency based in London. We create inspiring and functional visuals to unlock your company potential.

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Food packaging design

Our packaging design agency works with most industries, from food and beverage producers to luxury goods. We focus on branding and packaging elements so that products’ visual appearance will positively affect sales. Our designers combine creativity, graphic design and industry expertise to deliver the most commercially effective solutions and meet modern and upcoming trends in consumer demands.

The customer’s first impression depends on the products’ visual appearance. It takes only 7 seconds for a customer to decide whether he or she is willing to make a purchase or not. Your products have to stand out on the market shelves. A professional packaging design agency is a bond between your products and consumers. Based on extensive market research, our creative team forms appealing and efficient design for your products.

Every detail of packaging design plays a vital role in the final evaluation of your product by a consumer.


Professional packaging should be informative and appealing to your consumers. It must contain legal and technical information about a product. Essentially, it should stimulate buying behaviour and attract potential clients.

Food packaging and the design of consumer goods, in general, is a complex process that involves many nuances. There are challenges associated with the choice of colour format and vector image software. Visual elements should be clear and attractive to highlight the quality of a product. Our packaging design agency in London provides professional and bespoke services that make your products functional and efficient.

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Industries we work with

Food & Beverage, Vine & Spirits, Beer and Cider, Fashion, Cosmetics, Luxury Goods, Jewellery, Industrial, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Household Goods, Medicine & Healthcare.

Our Approach

We approach each project with responsibility. Our packaging design team consists of numerous specialists, experienced graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, marketers and copywriters.

“At our design agency, we communicate with your audience through functional, efficient and professionally designed product packaging & labels.”

Lemonade packaging design

Professional packaging agency

  1. Stimulates the impulse buying behaviour
  2. Highlights a product among competitors
  3. Creates positive brand perception
  4. Can positively correlate with sales
  5. Reduces the marketing and advertisement cost
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Related services

Packaging audit

We will evaluate the effectiveness of the current packaging and branding to give further recommendations on what needs to be done to make your products more appealing to your audience and improve overall performance.

Packaging design

We take a practical and functional approach when working with our clients. Our design makes products more appealing and increases the overall sales performance.

Label development

We develop production-ready and informative packaging labels for your products.

Author's supervision

We can take care of all the activities related to manufacturing. Our project manager will handle all the communications with the manufacturing firm to ensure that the quality of the final product complies with the original idea.

Answers to your questions

How can I be sure that I like the final result?

Before starting projects, we, first of all, determine the needs of your business and customers. Each decision we make is based on the understanding of your product expectations and purchase logic in general. Such an approach enables us to deliver valuable results for our clients.

Who is involved in the development of packaging?

We form a unique multidisciplinary team curated by a project manager and creative director. As a professional packaging agency, we involve a graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist, marketer and copywriter in all our projects.

How is price determined?

The final price depends on the following factors: the number of SKUs, the number of concepts and the complexity of a project in general.

How to get started?

Before starting a project, we need detailed information about your company, its activities and potential target audience. We will ask you to fill out a short questionary to learn about your enterprise more so you can get the most from our cooperation. Once we agree on detailed technical specifications, we will launch your project.

Although we are an agency in London, we serve clients across the globe.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or would like to clarify project details, send us an email, and our team will get back to you shortly.

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