Instantaneous leads and sales for your business.

Pay-per-click Agency in London.

Pay-per-click or PPC is an internet marketing model in which an advertiser pays for a click. The ultimate strategy is to achieve as many high-quality clicks that convert to sales as possible while keeping Cost-per-click (CPC) low.

Keyword research

Keywords research is a core for any Paid Search Advertising campaign. Our goal is to research and find specific keywords that describe your products and services the best.

On-going optimisation

We provide transparent PPC management services and constantly adjust your marketing campaign to achieve the best ROI.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement helps your company’s website to appear at the very top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and achieve the instantaneous generation of sales.

We are professional and transparent when managing PPC campaigns for our clients. At our agency, we always aim at building a long-term partnership with our clients.

At an initial stage of our cooperation, we will ask you what level of sales you want to achieve and what products or services we need to promote. This information will help us design a suitable sales funnel and define your customer journey.


Google Ads Conversion Tracking code enables to track website users behaviour and specific actions taken on a website. We can segment valuable users into separate audiences and use their characteristics and other parameters for targeting similar people. As a result, we can expand your customer base by serving ads to users similar to your existing clients.

Lookalike or similar audiences.

With similar audiences, we can expand your existing customer base and attract new customers to your site who are highly likely to be interested in your products or services. We can target similar audiences on the Display Network, Search Networks, Email Lists, Gmail, Apps, and YouTube.


Do not let your website users who did not convert to sales fade away. By applying remarking lists, we can remind them about their abandoned cart or about products they liked. Similarly to lookalike audiences, we can apply remarking across different ad formats and platforms.

No. 01 Reach

Audience Reach

Target new users similar to your existing clients five times more often than using remarketing lists alone.

No. 02 Conversion

Conversion rate

Increase your conversions by 41% by simply combining Lookalike Audiences with Display Network remarketing.

No. 03 Effectiveness

Effective targeting

Exclude users from original remarketing lists to show your ads to new users only.

No. 04 Technologies

ML technologies

Experience the power of machine learning technologies that analyse millions of data points to optimise your ad performance.

Our expertise

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Appear at the top of the search query by simply paying for clicks.

Display Advertising

Interactive and eye-catching banners, great for retargeting.

Google Shopping

List your products on the Google Shopping platform and attract a large number of users to your website.


Serve targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website.

YouTube Advertising

Advertise and promote your brand via a leading video hosting platform.


Find new clients and increase your brand awareness by employing social networks.

Pay-per-click services

Setting up a PPC campaign

Keyword research, bidding strategy development and initial setup.

PPC management services

Regular marketing campaign management, further improvement and performance reporting.

Answers to your questions

Why should you work with a PPC agency?

Professional PPC agency employs multiple specialists to carry out complex marketing campaigns. Successful PPC campaigns require good online marketing skills, experience and knowledge of sophisticated software. As a result, professionals can analyse large sets of valuable data points and tailor marketing campaigns accordingly.

How many leads / sales will I get?

The number of leads depends on your value proposition, the level of competition in the field and your website layout and design.

Do you guarantee results?

We can guarantee quality leads at low costs. However, we can not guarantee sales simply because many external factors do not depend on us: quality and competitiveness of your products or services, market conditions and others. Our consulting team will always keep you informed about the ongoing performance and make further recommendations when relevant.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or would like to clarify project details, send us an email, and our team will get back to you shortly.