Natural pomegranate soda

About the project

Our team has developed a visual style and naming for “nur”. This young company produces soda from 100% pomegranate juice with no added sugar. The goods are transported directly from the regions of Armenia, where delicious and sweet pomegranates grow.

Our main task was to create a corporate identity that would reflect the flow of mysterious energy and become a breath of fresh air for soda lovers.

We had to create a bold design to overshadow the existing supermarket soda can designs. The target audience is young, energetic and bright personalities who are constantly looking for innovations.

Full-cycle services

  • Naming
  • Logotype Development
  • Unique selling proposition (USP) development
  • Brand strategy & platform development
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Commercial design

“We produce mood”

nurProject year: 2021

Logotype design

The logo is round, friendly, with perfect curves. It is lightweight and simple so that consumers can focus on the product.


Consumers lost on the shelves, and they lack a breath of fresh air. All brands are the same inside and out.

“nur” opens up new perspectives on soda for consumers. It is s new product both inside and out. It is a bright and energetic brand for young and innovative people who are always looking for something new. 100% natural soda from exotic pomegranate energises and refreshes body, mind and soul.


The colours of the brand are bright and juicy, perfectly reflecting the main product that the company produces. On the store shelf, these colours will stand out, attract and interest consumers.

Navy blue

Packaging Design

The main element of the soda packaging is a pomegranate illustration and unusual gradient colour. This drink is known for its invigorating properties, so the colours are chosen accordingly.


The minimalistic logo is easy to read and easy for consumers to remember. The simplicity of the voice tone of the naming blends perfectly with the minimalist logo style. The design includes a minimal set of elements and information, so consumers can only see what they need to see.

Technical specification

To design a bright, energetic and memorable branding and packaging style for a natural pomegranate soda.


We have developed a complete set of branding elements from a logotype to advertising marketing materials. The final result is a bright, tasty and juicy design. The design makes you want to feel and taste what's inside.

"nur" looks like nothing else on the market and makes the rest of the soda cans look appeal boring and tasteless.