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A clear brand strategy is the foundation of your business

We are Rattlesnake Group — Creative Design Agency in London. Our team of strategists and designers will create a unified brand that will help you gain the trust of the consumer and increase sales. Professionally developed brand strategy by a creative digital agency will become the foundation of your business.

Market Research

We will conduct market research and analyse your industry to determine the specific customer requirements. Our team will design a sustainable and fundamental brand that meets the current market needs and future trends.

Strong brand platform

Our team will develop a unique and dynamic brand system that will become a visual selling tool for your business. We focus on meaningful visuals and functionality to deliver significant results.

Creative design agency services

Our designers will develop a complex system of elements that works on all media and forms strong product associations with your brand.


A professional logotype should consider all the factors that can influence the perception of your brand by the target audience. A logotype is one of the fundamental branding elements. It highlights your enterprise values, philosophy and message to your audience.


Brandbook is the main guideline for your brand. It is a guidance note on the application of your branding elements, including marketing and communication materials. It also provides a system of rules and recommendations for visual identification.


Naming is a vital element for the recognition and identification of your company. Our creative team will brainstorm the most unique and distinguished ideas for your brand naming that make perfect sense.


Our team will comprehensively rebrand your company from strategy to visual tools and marketing elements while maintaining its recognition among your existing audience. We will reconsider your brand platform and develop a new, engaging and marketable brand.

Effective packaging design

We develop packaging as an integral part of a product, which forms the complete vision of the brand among your audience. Every aspect of packaging plays a crucial role in the final evaluation of the product. A consumer must clearly understand the value proposition within a few seconds.


If you want your products to be purchased more frequently, they should stand out from the rest of the products on the shelf. The design should attract customers even at a long distance.


Simplicity is the key to success. A simple and minimalistic design will stick in customers minds and increase the likelihood that they will return for your product.

Additional services

01. Brochure & Leaflet Design

Experienced graphic designers will present your products in an online catalogue and create other printed or online materials for your marketing campaigns: catalogues, presentations, letterheads, business cards, brochures and others.

Additional services

02. Advertising Design

We create advertising that translates to your audience all the advantages of your brand and product. To achieve this, we fully immerse ourselves in your activities, goals and objectives.

Additional services

03. Interior Design

The design of office space is a reflection of the company’s ideology. By understanding the company’s values and processes, we will propose to you the most precise zoning and workflow solutions.

Answers to your questions

How can I be sure that I like the design?

Before starting projects, we, first of all, determine the needs of your business and customers. Each decision we make is based on the understanding of your product expectations and purchase logic in general. Thanks to such an approach, our team achieves the most significant results.

What is the pricing process?

We usually work with a phased prepayment. The entire workflow is divided into several stages, and each is paid separately in advance. Work on each stage begins after 100% payment.

How many concepts do you usually offer?

We usually offer three conceptually distinct options. We do not recommend requesting more concepts as it may affect the quality of work and mislead your decision-making process. However, if requested, we have unlimited tariffs with unlimited design concepts provided.

Who is involved in the development of a project?

We form a unique multidisciplinary team curated by a project manager and creative director for each project. All the projects under ‘Creative & Design’ involve a project manager and art director who curate the process. The art director will supervise at least two designers working on the design concept of your project.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or would like to clarify project details, send us an email, and our team will get back to you shortly.

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