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We are a professional catalogue & brochure design company based in London. We design catalogues, brochures and other informative paper documents to present your products and company in a favourable light.

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One of the most vital business principles is effective self-presentation. Creating a well-designed and visually appealing catalogue and brochure is a powerful tool to make a statement. Our brochure design agency specialises in creative and effective design and well-structured layouts. We apply our creativity and in-depth expertise to create efficient brochures that can add value to your business and stimulate your sales.

Brochures and other informative paper documents are indispensable tools for promoting your company.

Catalogue & Brochure Design

Catalogues and brochures, like other types of information paper documents, come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. Catalogues and brochures are intended for distribution at fairs, exhibitions and business meetings to people who make up the target audience of the company, brand, product or service.

A professionally designed catalogue or brochure is a great way to interact with potential clients and generate more leads. At our creative digital agency, we design creative, high quality and professional catalogues and brochures to help you interact with your target audience and attract high-quality leads.

Leaflet & Flyer Design

Leaflets or flyers are the simplest form of information paper and are known for relatively low production and distribution costs. These paper documents are designed to be a handy source of information that can be easily distributed on the streets, at exhibitions and events. Although leaflets or flyers come in different sizes and formats, they are usually double-sided and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Leaflets or flyers should be not only creative but also structured and informative. There is often just a few seconds to reach your potential customers before the they land in the next container. A professionally designed leaflet and flyer need to stand out visually in order to be effective and provide a high return on investment (ROI). At our agency, we design creative and effective leaflets and flyers for any occasion – from commercial events and promotions to political campaigns.

Booklet & Magazine Design

Booklets and magazines differ significantly from other information paper documents. They are flat and usually have many pages (typically 8 to 72 pages). They are also more expensive, high-quality and durable printing products. In most cases, they have heavy cover paper and glossy text material or matte text material. Booklets and magazines are designed for moving interested prospects along your sales funnel. However, they can also be used for non-marketing purposes and serve as guidelines and instructions.

Booklets can be bundled in several ways – through a saddle stitch, spirals, staples or other binding methods. At our agency, we develop professional and quality booklets and magazines for various purposes — from educational prospectuses to fashion magazines.

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Industries we work with

Travel & Leisure, Education & Prospectus, Corporate Presentation, Industrial, Hotel, Restaurant & Menus, Landscape, Architecture, Fashion & Beauty, Wine, Construction, Food & Beverage, Supermarket, Medical & Healthcare, Dental, Interior Design, Doors & Furniture, Real Estate, Jewellery.

Formats we design

Our design department composes custom brochures, booklets, leaflets, flyers, pamphlets or catalogues of any kind. Alternatively, we offer standard informative paper document formats such as gatefold, bifold, trifold, square, A3 format, A4 format, A5 format, one page, 2 pages, 4 pages, 8 pages.

“We communicate with your audience through visually appealing design and structured information.”

Answers to your questions

How can I be sure that I like the design?

Before starting projects, we, first of all, determine the needs of your business and customers. Each decision we make is based on the understanding of your product expectations and purchase logic in general. Thanks to such an approach, our team achieves the most significant results.

Who is involved in the development of informative paper documents?

We form a unique multidisciplinary team curated by a project manager and creative director for each project. Catalogues and printed products are usually developed by a graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist, marketer and copywriter.

How is price determined?

The final price depends on the following factors: the number of additional edits requests by a client, the number of pages that have to be designed and the complexity of a project in general.

How to get started?

Before starting a project, we need detailed information about your company, its activities and potential target audience. We will ask you to fill out a short questionary to learn about your enterprise more so you can get the most from our cooperation. Once we agree on detailed technical specification, we will launch your project.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or would like to clarify project details, send us an email, and our team will get back to you shortly.

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