We create the best customer experience based on your business and form a solid image of your company in the consumer’s minds.

Brand Platform Development

A brand platform is a tool that describes the logic, positioning, brand values and unique sales propositions (USP). It helps build a long-term strategy for the brand's presence and further interaction with the audience. At Rattlesnake, we articulate the essence, mission and values of your brand and highlight the rational and emotional benefits of your product to your audience.

Why do you need a brand platform?

  • To understand your target audience

  • To articulate the values, features, and benefits of your brand

  • To define the tone of voice in communications

  • To highlight the main goals and objectives of your brand

  • To understand your USP and growth points

  • To formulate key brand messages

The process

Up to 2 weeks

01. Research

We interview key figures of your company and conduct market research to identify your company strengths and weaknesses. We also analyse your competitors and their positioning to highlight your opportunities and growth points. Finally, we draw up a psychological portrait of a potential consumer to design a relevant sales funnel.

Up to 1 week

02. Positioning

We identify your brand positioning and key values and present them in the form of a user-friendly graphical model. Brand positioning is the method of how to competently deliver your company’s unique properties to your target audience based on their demands and to handle competitive pressures.

Up to 2 weeks

03. Brand Legend

Finally, we develop a brand legend — a big idea of your brand and the main message, described in simple, accessible language; an insight – an intuitive understanding of the message by the audience; a reason to believe – rational and emotional arguments.

Quality over quantity

Advantages of our team

Superior quality

We work to deliver the best results. Our main goal is to create functional and visually attractive products that meet business needs.

Multidisciplinary team

We approach each project with responsibility. Our team consists of numerous specialists, experienced graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, marketers and copywriters.

Individual approach

We dive into your company. During the project cycle, we become part of your team, learn your business activities, highlight and analyse valuable data points and make strategic decisions.

Analytics & Research

We need to understand current market conditions to determine your niche and expansion opportunities. It is a basis for forming a strategic vision for sustainable development.

Brand platform development prices

Brand platform

We develop a strong brand positioning based on extensive marketing analysis, competitive environment, audience and product.

Brand audit

A comprehensive brand audit identifies the reasons that impede the development of a brand and determines the factors that affect its competitiveness and attractiveness to the target audience.

Answers to your questions

What will be the final result?

  • PDF presentation describing the concept of your brand, positioning and strategy.
  • Formulation of your brand platform elements (vision, mission, character, essence, values).
  • Key brand messages of a rational and emotional plan for further communication with an audience.
  • Your company’s slogan.

What specialists are involved in creating a brand platform?

We have the best team of talented, creative professionals who are ready to put a piece of their soul and their talent into the piggy bank of your success. We involve at least 4 specialists to create a quality brand platform: art, designer and copywriter.

What are brand philosophy, brand vision and brand platform?

— The brand philosophy is a set of brand values.

— The vision of a brand describes the brand mission and main idea.

— Brand platform / structure / architecture are the ways to implement the brand mission.

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions or would like to clarify project details, send us an email, and our team will get back to you shortly.