Manufacturer of interior paint

About the project

Our team of experienced designers has developed branding for Mellow — an interior tinted paint company. The paint is designed to embody the trends of modern interior design. They are characterised by the use of natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and ease of use.

Full-cycle services

  • Logotype Development
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design & Development

“There are never enough of shades”

M'ellowProject year: 2021


Logotype development

Our design team was challenged to create a logo that would reflect the brand name and have a charter that is the foundation of the company’s platform. It is a strong, distinctive and simplistic logo that adapts to any shape and version. It also easily adapts to the changes that constantly occur in the collection of paints. To create a more playful effect, we used a play of letters and elements. Deep blue reflects purity and tranquillity, while green highlights the company’s commitment to safe formulations.

We further developed a standard set of stationery elements: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, pens and magnets.

“We can never produce enough of shares to show all the beauty of colours.”

Alan ClarkeCEO, Mellow Luxury Paint


The main colours in a corporate identity system are dark blue and amber orange. Material and striking elements both on the logotype and packaging give the brand extra shine and sophistication.

To present the product to partners, we designed high-quality catalogues that perfectly reproduce available colours and shades. We also created mini sample cards for a convenient presentation and distribution of a particular panting colour line.



Deep Blue


Orange Bronze


Packaging Design

The packaging design is minimalistic and discreet, and the fonts are thin and concise. The paint swatches and colour codes are the central elements we wanted to highlight.

Packaging variations

The packaging design is agile and can be dynamically adapt to any size or colour.


We used a palette of restrained, deep shades of blue and green as the general brand colours. For further colour line, we have also included burgundy shades. All these colours pallets can be easily combined without changing the brand concept.