Dairy products

About the project

Our team has designed a new line of sugar-free Tack yoghurts. The packaging design orientated towards the UK consumer. We analysed the market and created a bright and juicy brand that meets all modern standards and reflects the rich flavour of the product.

Full-cycle services

  • Logotype Development
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Branding
  • Brand strategy & platform development

“Natural delicious!”

TackProject year: 2021

According to our methodology, we developed a brand platform, identified the target audience and also developed a marketing strategy to promote the dairy product line.

Packaging Design

The main task was to create branding and packaging that could stand out among existing dairy products and be at the forefront of consumers.


Our team of designers and marketers has developed a label that can communicate the benefits and description of the product to customers. With vibrant fruit illustrations, we send customers a fruity mood and juicy taste.

“Natural yogurt for the whole family”

Packaging Colours

For the colour scheme, we used exotic, bright and attractive colours combined with colourful illustrations of fruits.

We have selected a colour palette that easily adapts to new flavours in the company's product line and differs from existing competition.