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About the project

Believing project represents the personification of cosmic balance with one main goal — to restore understanding and connection between human and nature.

Nowadays, we tend to think more about the many meanings scattered in different areas of life. Believing suggests that simply by observing the power of magic hidden in the five senses, you can get all the answers you need.


  • Branding
  • Packaging Design & Development

“You already have the keys to your desires — 5 senses.”

BelievingProject year: 2020

Packaging Design

The Rattlesnake Group design team has developed a clean and transparent packaging design for natural honey. We have taken into account all the unique honey features in the package design. We determined to emphasize the purity of the product with a transparent label, focusing on the honey itself.

Packaging design

The brand logo has been adapted to the product. On the label itself, we left only a minimum of information for the consumer — the logo, the variety of honey and its taste notes.

For more detailed information, we have designed a small product card, where the useful properties of this honey and its nutritional values are indicated.