Romeo Rossi

Italian Gastronomic House

About the project

“Romeo Rossi is a progressive and developing Italian company, a true connoisseur of Italian cuisine and the most colourful of the Italian culinary brands. We are not just a manufacturer, but a tireless seeker of new modalities, ingredients and flavour combinations.”

Full-cycle services

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Logotype Development
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Marketing Kit
  • Catalogues & Printed products

“Riches of taste, aesthetics of pleasure”

Romeo RossiProject year: 2020-2021

Corporate website Design & Development

We developed a bespoke and fully responsive website on WordPress CMS (Content Management System). The webskte is designed in accordance with the principles of the Romeo Rossi corporate identity. The mission was to present a range of products to end-users and create a professional and engaging online presence for the company.

Social Media Marketing

To promote the brand on social networks, we have developed an appealing design concept and unique presentation style of the company.

We designed bespoke Instagram mockups containing unique illustrations and layouts of Romeo Rossi products. The mockups are an excellent choice as they can be used further by any professional social media marketing agency.

Story design for Instagram

Instagram stories have to be engaging. First, the network algorithm privileges account with a high engagement rate. Second, high engaging templates and mockups can be used for paid marketing campaigns and achieve a much higher return on investment (ROI).

We handled multiple testing procedures to design engaging and efficient templates and mockups for Instagram stories. As a result, the illustrations are appealing, informative and efficient.

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