Reja Coffee Roasters

Coffee shop in Edinburgh

About the project

Our team designed the visual style and logo for the Reja coffee shop in Edinburgh. Reja is a place for creative people and coffee enthusiasts. Reja takes an unusual and experimental approach to traditional coffee aromas, adding pistachios, lavender, chocolate and even rose leaves to coffee.

To support the brand’s philosophy, we have designed a stylish, modern and light interior that provides visual pleasure and lightness.

Full-cycle services

  • Logotype Development
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Interior design
  • Digital Marketing

“The best stories are told over a cup of coffee.”

RejaProject year: 2021
Business card design

Project Outcome


We have developed a bold concept that reveals a different approach to traditional coffee shops. Delicate and light colours associate with the unique ingredients Reja uses for signature recipes. We further designed fashionable merchandise that helps to increase brand awarenesses.

Well-designed merchandise is one of the most powerful marketing tools that help to promote a brand at almost no costs.

“Reja Coffee Roasters is a new perspective to traditional coffee shops.”

Elsa PopovichCEO, Reja Coffee Roasters

Packaging Design

The packaging design reflects the unusual and experimental approach that Reja takes to traditional coffee aromas, adding pistachios, lavender, chocolate and even rose leaves to coffee. The main colours represent pistachios, rose leaves and lavender, and the gradient reflects the combination of aromas.

Unusual and unknown

“Enjoy the unknown”