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Marketing kit & Business presentation

A marketing kit is a helpful tool for any business, designed to present a company to potential partners and clients. It helps to acquaint a potential client or partner with your product, immerse it in the specifics, show the benefits and lead to the main goal - the decision to purchase or cooperate with you.

What are the benefits of a marketing kit and business presentation?

A professional marketing kit or business presentation show potential customers and partners what differentiates your company from the competition, your company strengths, competitive advantages and why you are the better choice.

As a result, it increases the chances of successful deal closures and potential partnership & collaboration opportunities.

Marketing kit design is designed to make a positive impression on your customers and partners and create confidence in your value proposition. Professionally designed content subconsciously convinces readers of your organisation competence and reliability. Carefully composed and processed information will convincingly tell readers about the high quality of your goods and services and social responsibility.

Marketing kit and business presentation

Marketing kit

Professional marketing kit developed by our experts: designer, marketer, copywriter and business strategist.

Answers to your questions

How long does it take to develop a marketing kit or business presentation?

It takes at least 2 weeks to design and deliver a professional marketing kit and business presentation.

Who is involved in the development of a marketing kit and business presentation?

For each project, we form a unique multidisciplinary team curated by a project manager and creative director. Marketing kits and business presentations are usually developed by a graphic designer, illustrator, marketer, copywriter and business strategist.

What elements do a marketing kit and business presentation include?

Marketing kits or business presentations are developed individually for each company and specific purpose. However, there are general elements present in almost every marketing kit and business presentation: general company information, products or services, unique selling proposition (UPS), company strengths and competitive advantages, performance indicators and achievements, partners, partnership opportunities, a management team, contact details.

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